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Frost Yourself…..

The ultimate guide to wedding day jewellery….

Planning a wedding brings with it a plethora of decisions to be made… deciding to say yes to your significant other is actually just the first of many! As the bride the spotlight really is on you for the day and the photographs captured will remain with you throughout your life, admired by friends, family, children and grandchildren for years to come.

Once “THE DRESS“ is purchased the jewellery you select for the day really is the finishing touch to ensure that the vision you have of yourself as a bride is brought into fruition.

Read on for our tips on making the right selections!

First of all your significant other fell in love with you, as you are, your authentic self so it’s really important to find pieces that you love and will treasure forever!

So if you often select to wear a simple stud earring then it can be a great idea to stay close to this on the day itself by opting for a larger stone, Pave or cluster setting or maybe even a delicate halo to add some interest to step things up a little.

If you love a drop consider a different cut, rectangles, tear drops, or ovals can add a more unique line for the day whilst staying true to your classic style. If your more likely to be rocking a heavier chandelier on the day to day why not consider a long slim drop that’s both elegant and still eye catching?

Consider too your chosen style of gown, if it is embellished opt for stones and details that mirror this for a finished look that pulls everything together. Should it be very heavily jewelled why not balance this with pieces that are petite or of a simpler classic cut so they aren’t competing… whilst a simple satin sheath gown can stand strong against a stunning statement piece such as our Stella earrings (pictured below)

If your gown exposes your décolletage an elegant drop pendant is eye catching without being overwhelming and can help fill the space beautifully

Whilst a high neck such as an illusion or boat neck cries out for beautiful earrings instead. Similarly a bracelet is wasted on a sleeved gown but a tanned bare arm looks lovely with a delicate bangle.

Consider your wedding season or theme also.. a barefoot beach wedding suits a delicate ankle chain whilst a grand formal affair can take tiaras, pearls and jewels fit for a princess.

Lastly if your gown channels an era here’s how to embrace it fully!


These years lend themselves to Art Deco inspired geometric shapes such as our pendant and earring set (pictured) or try a rich toned emerald stone for a vintage vibe


Calls for full Hollywood starlet mode with sizeable crystal drops or the classic Pearl look from such as Audrey Hepburn/Grace Kelly


Look for feminine floral pieces - perhaps a jewelled hair vine to weave through a boho braid

At Prestige Bridal Studio we have a stunning range of 925 Sterling Silver jewellery you’ll want to wear over and over again. These come beautifully gift boxed and if you are selecting thank you gifts for your bridal party we offer discounts for purchases of three or more with prices in store starting at just £9.99

*Postal service also available

Call 01623 325045 to schedule an accessory appointment

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