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Tried and tested tips for bridesmaid gown shopping…

Ok so you have locked down the venue, date and time and found THE GOWN for you….Now it’s time to sort out your “I Do” crew!

It can feel overwhelming thinking about how you’re going to pull together a look that ticks the vision for your wedding whilst keeping all your girls happy! But worry not, grab a cup of tea, paper and pen (I mean who doesn’t love a list!) and relax… here is the ultimate guide for ensuring this shopping experience is as fun as it should be!

1) The gaggle of gals you choose to be your support team on your big day will make a huge difference to how easy this will be! Choose wisely and ensure they truly have your best interests at heart, respect for your bridal vision and will ultimately respect the final decision lies with you as bride.

2) Come inspired already! Mooch Pinterest to see bridal trends, talk to your girls beforehand about any requests or concerns they may have. There are some great trends to tap into such as natural blush palettes, mix and match tones or dress styles, short or long gowns, or completely matching styles for a really chic cohesive look … don’t however be afraid to follow the stylists advice! We hold a huge variety of styles and sizes, it’s possible to get any gown in any colour way so there are hundreds of options at your disposal.

3) Agree a budget beforehand, are your girls buying their dress themselves, chipping in or are you purchasing entirely? Also speak to the parents of flower girls/junior brides so you’re all on the same page. don’t forget in accessories, alterations and hair/make up for the day too! We pride ourselves on making wedding attire affordabl, our maids range is amazing quality and at a price point that comes in at £50-100 per gown less than many comparable dresses out there.

4) Keep an open mind, so if you have a lot of bridesmaids it could be worthwhile amending your initial idea for entirely matchy matchy to picking a single colour way in differing gowns that compliment each other but ultimately make every bridesmaid comfortable in their own skin…instead opt for matching make up, hair, shoes and jewellery for a cohesive look. The important thing here would be to purchase all the gowns at the same time to ensure no slight variations in colour.

5) Be strong enough to make the final decision! It’s your day, your vision, your choice so ensure that you are comfortable saying what is actually going to be the choice!

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