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Trend guide for Prom Summer 2022

Popular culture has embedded the school Prom into the UK Educational system. Once purely confined to those distant US shores we now find the word “Prom” is on the lips of the vast majority of students as a glamorous farewell to their senior year.

Long gone are the days of a simple school leavers disco in the old school hall, a slick of Heather Shimmer lipstick and liberal use of Bodyshops Dewberry perfume! I distinctly remember 90 denier tights and denim cutoffs being part of my carefully planned outfit (90s child here can you tell?!) Now it’s limousines to lavishly decorated hired function rooms, gowns that wouldn’t look out of place at a Hollywood event, chocolate fountains instead of 10p mixes and not even a smidge of blue eyeshadow anywhere….

Glamour is in! And the good news is pretty much anything goes, so whether you want a gown that’s short and floaty, long and show-stopping or the best of both worlds with a waterfall high low dress it’s in!

I’ve been a bridal stylist for almost 7 years and helped many a Prom Queen decide on her gown so here are my tips to slay it at Prom!

1) Decide on your budget, take into account this type of dress will likely require some adjustment from a seamstress too so factor that in.

2) Pick your Prom shopping buddies carefully! Go for positive people who genuinely have your best interests at heart and know your style!

3) Remember: You don’t need the ok from all your mates to say yes to the dress! Go with your heart and your authentic style self … if you don’t want a backless, slashed to the navel, thigh baring gown then don’t feel pressured by friends to get one to fit in with the crowd!….Believe me you’ll thank yourself later!

4) Rest assured most boutiques just sell one of each design to each school so no one else will turn up wearing the same dress!

At Prestige Bridal studio we really want to give our Prom girls the very best shopping experience whilst offering a range of stunning dresses at affordable prices, we’ve a huge selection of off the peg dresses from just £50! And a range available to order from the incredible Gino Cerruti

Book for our Prom Fashion Trunk show which is on over the weekend of the 16th and 17th October…. Glorious gowns, alcohol free fizz, cupcakes and more! Ring 01623 325045!!

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