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To unplug or not to unplug?

What exactly is an unplugged wedding? Well you and your guests do exactly that…. unplug from the world be it Phones, Cameras, IPads, or any other technology it’s put/down away for the duration and you all just savour the moment, be present in the entire day, relishing the time together…

As a newly married bride you want to turn to look down the aisle to your friends and family and make eye contact, see their every emotion, smile and happy tear with faces filled with love and joy not have the latest IPhone waving back at you! Because the flip side of having all that technology on hand is to have guests checking their phones, checking into the venue on Facebook, spending time taking pics and uploading to socials and basically seeing screens and not faces!

Everyone is in the moment during this beautiful ceremony.

The benefit of opting for unplugged and hiring a professional wedding photographer is that you choose what is shared, who shares it and when. All your beautiful guests weren’t invited to be paparazzi for the day! A professional photographer will still capture those lovely candid shots for you leaving your guests with opportunity to actually be present in the celebration giving way to those special moments being made.

Not a phone in sight just happy smiling faces and a great capture!

Local Mansfield Photographer Elizabeth Orridge says “I always discuss what style of images my clients want, which I will endeavour to get for them. These perfect images can be easily interrupted by a guests phone and contrary to popular belief these are NOT easy to edit out. Please be present in their day, enjoy every moment and let the professional capture the day this gives the happy couple the gift of a moment captured that is otherwise gone and memories that will last a lifetime “

So rather than a full on technology ban help your guests understand what it means for you to have them there enjoying themselves, you could add a little note to your invites to explain your choice of an unplugged event and remind them on the day with beautiful and unique signs, wording and other creative ways to just remind them to put the phone down!

Local event stylist Kelly Wilson Parks from Touch of charm has a huge range of ways to do this in keeping with your event theme and styling so contact her to discuss options available to you and ensure you see faces not phones ❤️

Elizabeth Orridge Photography

Tel: 07875905143

Touch of Charm

Contact Kelly on: 07921197546

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